Thursday, April 26, 2012

Criminal hazing: Raped by his fellow soldiers

‘Crazy Troop’ NCOs court-martialed after initiation ritual in Iraq went too far, Army victims say

Warning: Some details of this story are graphic and may be disturbing.

FORT HOOD, Texas — Minutes after returning to his room after a long day of training Iraqi soldiers, Spc. Jarett Wright heard the door open.

Three of his fellow soldiers entered and pushed him down on the bed. Wright struggled, but the other soldiers were too strong.

Two of them — both sergeants — held him down by the shoulders. Another grabbed his legs.

Read the entire story here.

Editor's note:  This article describes exactly what my son said happened to him in a sworn statement to the DOD Police.  His allegation was never properly investigated.  It led to his death.

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