Saturday, September 30, 2006

What IS it All About?

Someone laid their hands on my son and killed him. Many knew something about it and said nothing.

Someone should be held responsible for killing him.

It goes beyond following an order or a code. It became personal the moment of contact. But maybe it wasn't the first time that person had touched him; so maybe it was just another day.

This is about allowing this behavior to go on among brothers of this nation. It's been happening for years. We publicly humiliate the ones who torment foreign enemies...but we as a nation are allowing it within our own ranks.

We really have become a compliant nation, veiled. Who will get angry enough to make them stop???????? Who will cause such a ruckus so as to be noticed and is a force to be reckoned with? There are enough grieving parents, wives, children and families alive in our country at this moment to cause our military to look at us. We can get their attention.

Its all about behavior like this to cease among the brethren. Why will we send our children to defend a nation whose armies torture and kill their own?

It's about rebuilding a conscience in this country. Though my voice may be small, joined with yours we can cause a nation to look at us and listen and finally, to act upon their very own ethics.

Victory of the People

by Kim Slapak