Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chen case courts-martial to occur in North Carolina

BY ALINE REYNOLDS | Advocates and elected officials fighting for justice for Danny Chen have scored a major victory by helping persuade the U.S. Army to hold trials on U.S. soil for the eight soldiers implicated in the East Village soldier’s apparent suicide.

Last week, Army officials announced that the courts-martial, which were scheduled to begin earlier this month at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan, will instead be administered at the Fort Bragg military base in North Carolina. The military’s decision about the trials’ location follows months of petitioning by the New York chapter of the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA-NY) to have the trials moved to the States.

“This is a welcome victory for the community and the family,” said Elizabeth OuYang, OCA-NY president, at an April 12 press conference at the organization’s Chinatown offices. “It’ll be easier for our community to get there, and it’ll be easier for the family to get there,” she said of the trials’ East Coast location.

OuYang added, “The family deserves to be there, and the public needs to see what’s going on, in order for there to be legitimacy to this process.”

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