Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Missing Veteran

Air Force Nurse 1st Lieutenant Nonnie Dotson, 33, was reported missing on Nov. 19, 2006, just three days after arriving in Littleton, Colo., from her home in San Antonio, Texas. According to her brother, Tony Dotson, she had spent the previous evening out with friends at the Grizzly Rose Saloon and Dance Emporium, where she had stayed until midnight before returning to his house.

Nonnie spent the following morning surfing the Internet, and in the afternoon she told Tony she was going to the Jefferson Village shopping center, just a few minutes away from Tony's home, to catch up with old friends. Nonnie left her 16-month-old toddler, Savannah, with Tony and walked out the door at 2:00 p.m. That was the last time anyone saw her.

Police had been able to trace her cell phone to a field by C-470 and South Kipling Parkway. The field is located not far from Nonnie's brother's house and is on the way to the shopping center where she was supposed to meet her friends.

Dotson had recently emerged from a court battle with Ed Vehle, Savannah's father. Vehle, who also lived in San Antonio, was ordered by the court to pay $10,000 in back child support, as well as $900 each month. Dotson won the court order two months before she disappeared.

Police confirmed that Vehle was nowhere near Colorado before, during or after Dotson's disappearance.

Dotson was just months away from completing her military duty and was trying to decide whether she would move back to her hometown in Colorado or remain in San Antonio.

Since Dotson vanished, there has been no activity on her bank accounts, credit cards or cell phone, police said. Her case is still an open missing persons investigation being handled by the Jefferson County homicide department.

Candice Doyle, Nonnie's Mom, and stepfather, Kevin Doyle, are hoping to heat up the cold case by offering a $100,000 dollar reward. The money was acquired with proceeds from a home sale.
The Doyles are offering the reward money to anyone who can lead them to Nonnie.

Family and police urge anyone with information about the whereabouts of Nonnie Dotson to call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office tip line at (303) 271-5612 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (303) 271-5612      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Nonnie Dotson is 5 feet 3 inches tall, weighs 115 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. 

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