Monday, January 03, 2011

Help Encourage Reporting on Non-combat Deaths

My name is John Lasker and I am a freelance journalist from Ohio. I have written for Wired magazine, Christian Science Monitor, US Catholic magazine and many, many more. I am writing to let you know about my reporting project on "Non-Combat" deaths of female soldiers. As you know this is beyond an important issue that needs loud voices. To make it happen I need your help. The good news is, you can help fund this reporting effort at NO cost to you. That's right - it's free! Just register with the site. Take a brief survey on Public Broadcasting, receive $5 credit and donate.

And If I get the funding for this project, I plan on working more Non-combat death related stories. Donna has championed your cause with me, and this story is gaining momentum. Unfortunately the mainstream media or big media has not caught-on as of yet. But the mainstream media, like CBS nightly news, Sport Illustrated, has been copying my stories for years and I know the more I write, the more they'll take. So please follow the below instructions and donate to my story Is This How We Treat Our Female Soldiers? Families seek answers in daughters' "Non-Combat" deaths". Look for the picture of Private Lavena Johnson.

Step one: Just find my pitch on Spot.Us:

Step two: Click "Free Credits" login and take the quick questionnaire.
Step three: Confirm that you want to give the credits you just earned to my pitch.
Step four: Click "Free Credits" again if it's still there (sometimes there is more than one questionnaire available).

Step five: If you found steps 1-3 painless - share them with a friend.

We need to find 100 people who are willing to take a few moments out of their day to fund this story. If we can - then this important work can be produced and published so more people will know about TK.

If you'd like to read some of my work, here is a link to an feature story I had in US Catholic in 2009. This story focuses on the Pentagon's need of Catholic chaplains, and
the debate on how they can serve God and in a war zone at the same time.

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