Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Death Anniversary

Pvt. Shauna Lin Ward
Pvt. Shauna Lin Ward

Shauna was held back in boot camp from stress fractures in both feet, she was in medical rehab for 6 months, on several prescriptions including Percocet. I believe this is where her addiction started.
Since that first phone call that came from an ex military girl who served with Shauna in Alaska, she called us before any military personnel contacted us. She told my husband that Shauna was dead from an overdose. He hung up on her and called my friend I worked with because my phone was not working, he gave me the devastating news, I did not believe him and broke down and screamed.
Everything that happened made no sense at all to us. We thought it was a sick joke that was being played on us. Weird thing was that my phone stopped working that morning, i was running errands and took my time since I was at the mall, still not realizing that my phone was not working. Shauna came home for my birthday in August, we were so happy, We went to Alaska to be with her on her 21st birthday in Alaska.

2 days after getting back from Phoenix, Shauna was given a drug test and failed due to her use of Percocet. Shauna admitted to her sgt. that she took Percocet, she was then sent immediately to Colorado for rehab.

She was sent back to Alaska after 30 days, and was sent there with several prescriptions. She cried on the phone to me, she was so afraid to go back to Alaska, but I was telling her she had to finish what she started. She desperately wanted out of the Army. She was to be home by October 31st. On an other than honorable discharge. Shauna gave her prescriptions to a fellow soldier and he would meet her twice a day to give her the correct dose. He had her back.

Two weeks later she was gone.

According to the CID. Shauna was with 2 soldiers and they claim they were watching movies, and about 2 am they left to go to bed. At 6 am Shauna failed to show up at formation and a soldier was sent to her room to get her.

When they got into the room, she was found in her bed not breathing. They tried to resuscitate her but she was gone. The CID said they were not sure why she passed away until they did the autopsy and they found several needle marks in both her arms. There were no signs of drugs found in her room, which means someone cleaned up!

The detective on her case said she was a first time user and it killed her because she was so clean from rehab. We were devastated, every person Shauna knew, said NO WAY!! That was a drug she would never take. Her bank account was also used at 4 am and we were told Shauna died between 2 and 4 am. When they tested her card for prints it was clean, NO prints at all not even Shauna’s. Also the ATM on the base we were told had no camera to see who took the money out of her account. No cameras on a military base!!! We were in a daze from the moment that call came from a civilian. On January 1st, 3 months after we buried Shauna, we received a phone call asking what we wanted to do with Shauna’s heart and brain. We were completely taken aback since NO ONE ever told us they were keeping her vital organs. Why!! We were told that they had to do testing to see if Shauna died from anything genetic, we were already told why she died, why keep her organs and not tell us. We were told it was a mistake, we should have been told in the paperwork but we were not!

We had to bury Shauna’s organs in an infant coffin placed on top of her coffin.

I don’t understand why this soldier who brought drugs into my daughter’s room was still in the military 2 months after she died.

They knew he was a dealer and user. He was questioned 12 hours later and the CID said all they smelled in his room was bleach, they were all told to clean their barracks! But why before checking them first??

This soldier, lawyered up and they said he refused to talk, they closed her case after a year. He was finally discharged, but should have been charged in connection with my daughter’s death. If anyone knows who the other soldier was that night or anyone knows what happened that night, please contact us by email through this website.

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