Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Military Matters Podcast: Polypharmacy with Dr. Fred Baughman

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Are our military members being given psychiatric drug cocktails to treat PTSD and TBIs?  Neurologist, Dr. Fred Baughman discusses this topic in this week's podcast.

Marine Veteran Writes on “The Fog of Drugs.’

From Anonymous

Dr. Baughman, I read the piece that you wrote about SSgt Bales (attached) and it prompted me to seek you out for further information. I am a program manager at __________ Community Services ___________, I manage a __________housing program for homeless veterans, many of which are prescribed these psychiatric drug cocktails. This issue strikes close to home for many reasons but mainly because I have seen first hand the negative impact these cocktails have on our veterans. It seems to put them in a fog rendering them to act or exist in a manner where they are unaware of the negative effects (slurring of speech, drowsy look, slow processing etc) that the cocktails are having on them.
We at _________-are making efforts toward spreading education and awareness of the negative effects as well as the alternative treatments that are available for veterans to assist them in dealing with the many afflictions they face. We see too many veterans go by the wayside due to being stuck in this ‘fog of drugs’. They are dependent and on the rare occasion admittedly addicted to the painkillers and pych-drugs feeling lost or hopeless without them.
We are also seeking alternatives for the treatment of PTSD and many other mental health diagnosis through such things as: pet therapy, music, art, recreation etc…to supplement the traditional treatments of talk therapy, drugs, EMDR etc.
We hope to either start the movement or join a movement which encourages and fosters alternatives to the very thing of which you wrote about---the Military Pharmaceutical Complex.
I am sure you are a busy man however I’d like to request a meeting with you to discuss a strategy about how best to go about this. We are well connected within the __________ Veteran’s community and would love to if nothing else put this topic on the table for discussion with our community leaders and advisors. Ideally, we would love to have you come and speak to our veterans but any help you would be willing to give is welcome and needed.
I hope to hear from you soon.
USMC Veteran

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