Tuesday, June 21, 2011

KGL in the News


I could use your support today

ABC just broke today part of the KGL Iran story. Can you comment on it?  Pass it along to your friends to do the same.

If you are passing it along to people who don't know us, let them know this:

This company killed my brother (LTC Rocky Baragona) in Iraq 2003 and through our investigation we have uncovered KGL a foreign defense contractor is working as a shell company for Iran's Shipping Line's blacklisted entities transporting cargo to and from Iran and other countires and entities. The Cargo has contained weapon arsenals for Hezbollah as well as cargo supporting Iran's nuclear program .

Recently KGL (the shell company of Iran) received over 1 billion is US defense contracts .

Why we should care ?

This means we just gave 1 billion US Taxpayer dollars to KGL which is actually Iran and now is now inside US Bases pretending to be our ally and working as our defense contractor learning how we operate.

It is in my opinion a matter of National Security to stop KGL before we face another USS Cole tragedy which killed hundreds of our soldiers

We want their contracts stopped and the company to be debarred from government contracting.

Please read the story, comment on it and pass this along.

Without your interest News channels will not continue to tell the story.

Maybe then the company can be investigated and hopefully debarred from defense contracting.

Here are two sites which have the story up.


Pam Baragona

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