Friday, February 05, 2010

Soldier's mother says U.S. Army is covering up murder

New details three months after daughter's death

February 04, 2010 11:36 PM

Colleen Murphy told a roomful of reporters she does not know who would have wanted her daughter dead or why, but she believes someone in the army is covering up whatever happened to 29-year-old Staff Sergeant Amy Seyboth-Tirador.

"I've been told too many lies...I don't trust them," Murphy said, referring to army investigators.

Five days after Seyboth-Tirador's death, Murphy and her former husband, Gerard Seyboth were saying it was not an accident and not a suicide. They said they had been briefed by two generals. They offered no theories on a motive, except that their daughter's work in intelligence gathering may have made her a target, something Murphy still sees as a possible scenario.

"I don't know if Amy found something out in her job, I don't know if it was an issue between people, but Amy was set up to be in place for the perfect suicide," Murphy says.

She says the unit her daughter's husband, Mickey, worked in arrived at her camp two weeks before her death, and says the couple were having troubles in their marriage - but Murphy says her daughter expected to try to fix the problems and was looking forward to coming back to the states in ten months.

According to Murphy, investigators said Tirador was heard cursing often, "more than usual", in the three days before her death and said she had argued with a superior about reports that were late.

"They're trying to pile up different issues in her life to say, 'Oh, she couldn't take it anymore so she went and blew her brains out."

The military has not released the cause of death - only that it was non-combat related. On Thursday Murphy reiterated what she has said for weeks: She believes someone set it up to make it appear her daughter killed herself. She says contractors found her daughter's body in a generator room at Camp Caldwell in Iraq, her 9mm pistol by her side, residue from a discharged weapon on her hands.

"I know I'll never find the answers out or who pulled the trigger, but I will not allow even our own government to take the dignity and honor away from Amy that she so rightly deserves." Murphy says a medical examiner told her he believes it's a suicide. She says she heard three different versions of where on her daughter's head she was shot.

Murphy says if it's ruled suicide, she expects Mickey Tirador will try to show otherwise by having his wife's body exhumed from Saratoga National Cemetery. She says she has an attorney and a private investigator.

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