Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ft. Carson Soldiers In Court, Accused Of Murder

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Fort Carson soldiers Bruce Bastien and Louis Bressler were in court Friday for a preliminary hearing for the murder of another soldier, Robert James, in August.

The two are also suspected in the murder of Kevin Shields, also a soldier at Fort Carson.

Detective Derek Graham of the Colorado Springs Police department took the stand and described the evening of August 3rd, 2007, into the morning of August 4th, when police found the body of Robert James in the Bank of the Broadmoor parking lot.

James was shot multiple times and the testimony of Detective Graham describes two gun shots to James' throat and one shot to the top of his head. It was described as execution style. The prosecution showed graphic photos of the body and the gunshot wounds in court.

The prosecution also began to pull out similarities between this murder and another murder that police were investigating involving the death of Kevin Sheilds. The detective testified that the same style of gun was used in both homicides and the manner was similar.

The detective also described an interview he conducted with Bruce Bastien where he told police that Bressler had shot James after he had told Bastien that they should rob him. In his testimony he said that Bastien had said that he did not know that Bressler was going to shoot and kill James.

After hearing testimony, the judge decided not to consolidate the murders.

Bastien and Bressler will be back in court in March, at which time they are expected to enter a plea.

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